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The Careers Team at Castlewood School


Mr Chris White – Deputy Headteacher

Mr White is the member of the Senior Leadership Team who ensures that Careers is prominent within senior strategic planning.  This includes allocations of resources, time and agreeing new developments.


Mrs Andrea Riley – Careers Support

Mrs Riley has completed a Post-Graduate Award (Level 7) in Careers Leadership (University of Warwick) giving her an in-depth knowledge of the latest research and a strong theoretical understanding of Careers education.  She has a passion for preparing pupils for adult life and is always planning and looking for visits to places of employment, having employers visit us, Careers exhibitions/shows and helping teachers link their lessons to real-world situations.


Mr Dave Hooley – Independent Careers Advisor

Mr Hooley meets with pupils on a regular basis to discuss careers and post-16 education plans and applications.  He has a wealth of experience as he has been a Careers advisor working with young people for over 30 years.


Ms Deb Hingley – Member of the Local Advisory Board overseeing Careers

Ms Hingley is a member of our Local Advisory Board (known as Governors in some schools), she keeps a close eye on the Careers plans in school to report back to the Board on the progress and achievements.  Ms Hingley has had a long career working in Universities and Colleges so understands the pressure that young people face as they move forward in to adult life.

All of our Careers Staff may be contacted via the school at or by telephone 0121 748 9760

Careers Intent Statement 

The aim of our Careers Programme is to equip pupils with the tools necessary to take control of their lives and make realistic informed choices. This in turn will empower them to confidently take their next steps in education, training, or employment training when they leave Castlewood School.  

Our careers learning programme complements our curriculum. It offers pupils opportunities to develop and practice the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to successfully navigate their way through learning, career, and life.  

We follow the Career Development Institute’s Framework to offer a structured progressive Programme in which pupils are given the opportunity to take part in dedicated careers lessons. Careers lessons focus on the six career learning areas below: 

CDI 2021 

This is supported by opportunities to take part in visits, talks, taster sessions and workshops from employers and post 16 education/training providers. In addition, from year 8, pupils have access to our Independent Careers Advisor Dave Hooley, which further enables pupils to gain real insight into their skills, interests, motivations, and values, which we believe is the foundation to making good career and life decisions. 


Building foundations to learn and grow 

Please use the link below to access our Careers Overview Plan 2021-2022


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