School Transport

Transport Arrangements

Castlewood School have young people attending school from various areas across the Midlands.

The Local Authorities have a statutory duty to make transport available for children and young people who attend Castlewood School if they meet certain criteria for eligibility.  Details of the prerequisites and potential assistance can be found by clicking the following links:

Government websites:


Regional Council websites:


Transport is usually arranged from the young person’s home to school and subsequent return journey. It may be a taxi or mini-bus.  It is important to note that transport is not a given right for young people, and the Local Authority will apply its eligibility criteria to help assess whether or not it will provide transport assistance.

Transport is likely to consist of a number of pupils being transported together in a suitably sized vehicle and all vehicles include a guide on all journeys.

A taxi would normally wait for only 5 minutes before leaving so it is important that families ensure their child is ready to leave home at their allotted time.  If you are accepted for transport please check this timing with your allocated taxi company.

For Castlewood (wherever possible) we have our lower school pupils Years 1-8 transported separately to our upper school pupils Years 8-11.

Castlewood staff can support you, discussing any issues, but the main responsibility lies between parents, the Local Authority (Transport Services) and the taxi company.