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Castlewood School is a special day school catering for up to 96 boys and girls aged 5 – 16 whose primary need is Social, Emotional and Mental Health, and we also have a range of students whose secondary needs include ASC, ASP, ADHD, ODD, PDA and S & L difficulties.

The link below provides information about our school and links to further helpful services. It also covers:

  • Our provision for children with special educational needs (SEN)
  • How we identify and give extra help to children with SEN
  • How we work with parents/carers and children
  • How we adapt the curriculum
  • What expertise we offer
  • How the school know if the SEN provision is effective
  • How children with SEN are helped to access activities outside of the classroom
  • What the school do to support the wellbeing of children with SEN